A Picture History of VAIII
From the 80's

History of Virginia Chapter III

Originally organized and chartered in March of 1978. The chapter lasted thru 1978 and was not renewed in 1979 due to conflicts in the chapter between departments. The original officers were William C. Lowe, President, William H. Edwards III, Vice President and Michael E. Hart, Secretary/Treasurer. Thru the years they kept in touch and talked about reforming someday.

In February 1983, Bill Lowe contacted the original officers and set up a meeting at the Richmond FOP Lodge to discuss the possibility of reforming the chapter. They met along with several other area officers and submitted their package to Blue Knights International in May of 1983. They received the official Charter in June of 1983 with the original chapter number reinstated and 26 members listed on the first roster. These first 26 members became the chapter's "Charter Member's".

Since that time we have been helping the community with fund raising and other activities following the proud tradition of the Blue Knights.

The Original "Charter Members" were...

PresidentWilliam C. LoweRichmond Police Department
Vice PresidentWilliam H. Edwards IIIHenrico Police Department
Secretary/Treasurer Michael E. HartHenrico Police Department
DirectorHarry E. PhersonRichmond Police Department
DirectorHenry M. LavenderRichmond Police Department
DirectorPaul LudwigVa. Dept of Corrections
Road CaptainMagnus T. SwiftV. A. Police

David L. HallRichmond Police Department
Chetin BasaranRichmond Police Department
Robert D. MalloryRichmond Police Department
Jay BootheRichmond Police Department
James M. ShromRichmond Police Department
A. Steve CsakyRichmond Police Department
Ernest A. PasquotRichmond Police Department
Andrew J. Ford Richmond Police Department
James D. HollisV. A. Police
Stephen T. HowardRichmond Police Department
John SheppardRichmond Police Department
Lynn A. HammettRichmond Police Department
Richard E. Pope Jr.Richmond Police Department
Cecil H. BryantRichmond Police Department
Edward E. TalleyHenrico Sheriff's Office
Howard B. Norton Jr.Henrico Sheriff's Office
Michael W. JohnsonRichmond Police Department
Mark KoslowRichmond Police Department
John R. BuckaChesterfield Police Department

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